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ARTs de la Armada Nacional

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Bienvenidos. Este thread se inicia para que debatamos sobre los Vehículos Aéreos No Tripulados (UAV), que se están incorporando y se incorporarán a la Armada Nacional en un futuro y que reciben el nombre genérico de Aeronaves Remotamente Tripuladas (ART).

Empecemos conociendo los ARTs, "Bravo" y "Terraco":

Colombian Navy establishes new UAV operating base

01 November 2016

Erwan de Cherisey, Cartagena - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly


The Colombian Navy (ARC) has established a new unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at the Marine Training Base (BEIM) near the Caribbean operating base for counter-narcotics and offshore security roles.

An ARC officer told IHS Jane's the new operations centre was activated in late August 2016 to provide coverage over the Northern and Southern Caribbean region. The location, in Coveñas, Sucre department, was chosen for its geographic position and the BEIM's paved runway and aviation hangar, which are used by Naval Aviation aircraft for liaison and transport duties.

During a visit to the facility in October, IHS Jane's observed that so far two UAV types are operated from Coveñas: the smaller Bravo and larger Terraco UAVs, both of which have been designed and manufactured by the ARC.

Bravo, a single engine high-wing aircraft that has been in service with the ARC since 2005, has an endurance of 4.5 hours and maximum range of 100 km. It can accommodate a 20 kg payload that usually consists of a gimbaled electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) turret. The aircraft's direct telemetry allows for live-feed transmission at a maximum range of 40 km.

Terraco, which became operational with the ARC in 2014, features a single pusher engine and twin booms, and appears visually similar to the RQ-7 Shadow. It features a maximum endurance of 6.5 hours and range of 200 km. It can carry a 28 kg payload that also generally consists an EO/IR gimbaled turret whose live feed can be transmitted by direct telemetry out to 50 km.

An ARC officer told IHS Jane's that the UAVs have so far been used to support the Colombian Navy's antinarcotics Task Force 'Neptune', which is headquartered in Turbo, Antioquia as well as the coastguard in search-and-rescue duties.




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