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FIDAE 2016 y UNVEX 2016

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Abierto el thread sobre la Feria Internacional del Aire y el Espacio FIDAE-16 y de la Conferencia Latinoamericana sobre uav´s UNVEX 2016:


  • ErichSaumeth
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    Muy buena entrevista (de las exclusivas de verdad) sobre el material que presenta IWI en FIDAE-2016, -utilizado ampliamente por nuestras FFAA- y hecha al Vicepresidente de Marketing y Ventas de la empresa de armas ligeras israelí IWI, Natan Hendler:

    Si desean ver fotos y conocer el catálogo, pueden leer el siguiente artículo:

    La israelí IWI desembarca en Santiago con todo su catálogo de armas livianas" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

  • ErichSaumeth
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    Fidae 2016

    F. Silva (Fidae): "No hay límite para los UAV, los pilotos nos convertiremos en una cosa de la aviación heroica antigua"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">


  • SpadesCHL
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    uno de los platos fuertes

  • camilo1ats
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    SpadesCHL dijo: uno de los platos fuertes

    El plato fuerte, un OVNI para lo que volamos en Latinoamérica. 

  • AliAlSaachez
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    FIDAE 2016: Colombia gunships near completion

    29th March 2016 - 23:00 by Grant Turnbull in Santiago


    FIDAE 2016: Colombia gunships near completion

    The Colombian Air Force’s (Fuerza Aérea Colombiana – FAC) programme to integrate Israeli-made Spike air-to-surface missiles onto several of its Black Hawk helicopters is almost complete, according to industry sources.

    Several modified UH-60L Black Hawks are operated by the FAC, known locally as the ‘Arpia’, which have been adapted to an AH-60L gunship variant with the edition of weapon pylons and a Toplite II electro-optical sensor turret.

    Earlier versions (pictured above) of the AH-60L could only fire unguided 70mm rockets and machine guns.

    Now the AH-60Ls are in the process of being upgraded to the Mark IV standard, which sees Israeli manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems integrate a weapons processing computer, a weapon ‘grip’ controller, multi-function displays (MFD) and a generic launcher system to fire all variants of the Spike missile.

    ‘We give them a very high-end missile that can be integrated on a low-end helicopter, so the platform is not an issue,’ said a Rafael spokesperson.

    The programme is now in its ‘serial installation’ phase with the last few UH-60s being converted to attack helicopter role. Rafael has not disclosed the number of Black Hawks that are being converted to the Mark IV standard.

    Utilising the existing weapon pylons from previous Arpia variants, the FAC AH-60L is capable of carrying 16 Spike NLOS missiles on four stations providing a significant gunship capability. Each pylon can also be fitted with a mix of Spike missile variants.

    It is believed the country uses the armed helicopters to support counter-insurgency operations in the country.

    After modification, the AH-60L will be able to fire the NLOS Spike (with 25km range), the Spike medium-range/long-range (4km), and the Spike extended range (8km). Firing tests have already been completed before serial installation began, said the Rafael spokesperson.

    Work on the helicopters is being carried out at an undisclosed FAC centre in Colombia with Rafael working as prime contractor.

    A similar effort has been underway to integrate the Spike NLOS onto the AW159 Wildcat, as part of a requirement from South Korea. Other helicopter types Rafael has tested Spike integration on include the AW129 Mangusta, EC725 (now H225M), Super Cobra and AS332 Super Puma.

    The Rafael spokesman told Shephard that there were a total of ten projects to convert helicopters to gunships. He added that he saw several opportunities for this kind of attack helicopter conversion work, including in Chile, where the FIDAE airshow is being hosted.

    ‘We are presenting to Chile a concept for the Puma, [The army] has the Spike LR already, so why not integrate it onto the helicopter?’ said the spokesperson.


    Saludos Cordiales

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